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Testoviron ® Depot, Testosterone Enanthate, 250mg/1ml, Bayer Schering

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Testosterone enanthate is another esterified testosterone hormone, very closely related to testosterone cypionate. In fact these two anabolic steroids are interchangeable, although cypionate has somewhat longer half-life as its attached ester is longer (eight carbons comparing to seven carbons of enanthate, but this is really hardly noticeable in real life).

Bayer Testosterone Enanthate has a strong androgenic action with intense anabolic activity that results in high water retention, muscle mass growth, and an excellent increase in strength potential appreciated especially amongst doping drug users. Excellent regeneration capabilities are also reported to achieve such high parameters that those who take testosterone enanthate may, after two or three hours of intensive foot training, have difficulty completing their back training.

For the best effect of Bayer Testosterone Enanthate you must follow the rules of usage and dosage.