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Clenbuterol is not a steroid, as sometimes incorrectly states, but it is stimulant of the central nervous system, known as. Beta-2 agonist - a substance stimulating the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic specifically). Used as broncho-cure expansion to extend the bronchi and thereby relieve the symptoms of asthma.

Unfortunately, this substance has become very popular among bodybuilders and began to be abused by other athletes, especially for its anti-catabolic effects. Clenbuterol is prevents loss of muscle mass. In sports, a prohibited substance and its use is considered doping. Anabolic effects, which are documented in cattle (illegally added to feed in order to promote muscle growth), but have not been demonstrated in humans.

When using clenbuterol increases body temperature, generally speeds up the metabolism and energy expenditure. His anti-catabolic and lipolytic effects result neúbytek muscle mass during weight loss, which is also supported by clenbuterol. Because of these effects, unfortunately clenbuterol became popular (but dangerous!) Slimming products. Although it should be dispensing without a prescription clenbuterol impossible, unfortunately, the problem is not the drug illegally buy, just a short search on the Internet.

One evidence of clenbuterol abuse among athletes as the fact that while the Olympic Games in 1984 was 10% of asthmatics, ten years later at the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer was reported 60% of the athletes as asthmatics. The reason was most likely permit the use of anti-doping authorities clebuterolu not only in athletes with asthma.