Oxandrolone, [10 mg/tab]100 tab. Balkan Pharmaceuticals

by Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Oxandrolone, 10 mg/tab.(100 tab.), Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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Its effects are mild, but the quality muscles that get through Oxandrolone and will remain after withdrawal.

Trade name for Anavar Oxandrolone is. The price is very high, but the quality is paid.

Oxandrolone does not cause water retention in the body, it is the only one steroid which don´t diminishes own testosterone production.

In combination with testosterone constructing very good muscle.

Women also do not experience any negative effects as is the case with other steroids.

It does not convert in the body to estrogens. It is suitable for diet and to a volume cycle.

Oxandrolone may cause diarrhea. For liver is slightly toxic.

After the end of bark not need to take any antiestrogens.

Very efficient by a combination of stanozolol, testosterone and clenbuterol.



Oxandrolone dosage

If you are taking Oxandrolone itself and the dosage should be 70 mg.

If you are using more steroids at the same time, so it suffices dosage to 20-30 mg daily.

Active substance Oxandrolone introduced in 1964 in the US marketing firm Searle called Oxandrolone. Over ten years this substance has enjoyed great popularity, and until 1 July 1989 when its production was halted. Oxandrolone today produced under various generic names in several countries. Preparation with the generic name Oxandrolone SPA from SPA Milano (Societa Prodotti Antibiotic) from Italy is currently only available in Europe original anabolic steroid, which contains the active substance Oxandrolone. In one box of 30 tablets in two salaries after 15 tbl .. steroid Oxandrolone is lightweight with a very weakly androgenic komponenty.Byl is designed especially for women and children. Oxandrolone is one of the few steroids, which do not cause premature stop the growth of children, because not close at the end of the slot epiphyseal bone. For this reason, Oxandrolone deploys primarily in children to promote growth and in women with osteoporosis. Oxandrolone causes (if at all) only very slight virilizing příznaky.Oxandrolon rank among the few steroids which not aromatized to estrogens. Instructions for use Italian Oxandrolone records in his preparation affect the gastrointestinal tract, some athletes therefore also speaks of a regular diarrhea. Oxandrolone does not even at very high doses no effect on endogenous testosterone production. More clearly: Oxandrolone does not suppress hormone production organism.

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Oxandrolone, [10 mg/tab]100 tab. Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Oxandrolone, [10 mg/tab]100 tab. Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Oxandrolone, 10 mg/tab.(100 tab.), Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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