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  • Primobolan tablets

    Primobolan tablets is an oral steroid (methenolone acetate), which is in great demand among athletes of heavy sports, in particular bodybuilders. Structurally, the substance is a dihydrotestosterone derivative with a moderate anabolic effect and a weak androgenic index (44 percent of testosterone). For this reason, the steroid is devoid of most of the side effects associated with drugs of similar effect. By the power of its positive action, this oral anabolic is similar to Masteron.
    The most remarkable feature of these pills is the absence of toxic effects on the athlete’s body. This property distinguishes them from competitors, which in their majority are harmful to the liver. At the same time, unlike some other steroids, this tablet product of pharmacology has Methenolone acetate (Primobolan) a relatively short duration of action – about 5 hours.

    Steroid Primobolan tablets as the only one on the course, and in ligaments with other drugs. In most cases, it is ideal for athletes whose main goal is to build quality musculature.
    Before the beginning of the course, you will need to undergo a preparatory stage, which provides for a full medical examination with the delivery of appropriate tests, adherence to sports nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, devoid of bad habits and stressful situations. Before the start of the course, the athlete must possess good health and not have chronic illnesses.

    Recommended dosage of Primobolan tablets:

    Dosage of Primobolan is determined depending on the goals and the use of other drugs in the same period. If only Methenolone Acetate is used in tablets, a dose of 50 mg per day is recommended. When injected, the dose is 400 mg once a week. The duration of the course is 10 weeks.

  • Methyltestosterone
  • Turinabol

    The Turinabol (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) is an anabolic steroid that is administered orally. It is a modified form of Dianabol, which in medicine is used to treat people who experience developmental delays during puberty or HIV patients experience muscle atrophy is supplied.
    Its use in the bodybuilding environment more frequently in athletes seeking a moderate strength and mass but with a high level of quality muscle gain. Earnings producing Turinabol are slow but significant, and not converted to estrogen does not generate a large water retention.
    Its anabolic rating is quite distant from the Dianabol, but at the same time, has a much lower rating androgenic than this.
    Therefore its use would expect lower results in volume that of the substance from which it derives (Dianabol), but also a more rocky appearance and more stable earnings.
    Turinabol is an anabolic which combines brilliantly with other substances, and that combined properly, provides great results. In fact, it is not strange to be included in pre-competition or fat loss cycles, as it is able to create mass while not affecting the dry appearance of muscles.

  • Halotestin

    Halotestin (fluoxymesterone) is an androgen which is commonly used in replacement therapy, or what is the same, when deficiency symptoms appear in the production of endogenous testosterone. It is presented for oral administration.
    Its anabolic effect is not very high, despite being more androgenic than testosterone, which means that although you can expect a large increase in strength not be the same in size, where profits are more modest.
    In addition to the aforementioned increase of force, use of Halotestin get to a denser muscles aspect, so that those who submit low levels of fat, you will achieve a hard and defined look.
    Its ability to provide hardness to the muscle is similar to that which can be observed Trenbolone, although the mass gain that can be obtained is far lower halotestin.
    Not being an anabolic producing aromatization no water retention and gynecomastia are observed.
    While not a great builder of muscle use in pre-competition phase can be very useful to complete an overhaul to allow the competitor to appear dry and rocky on stage.
    Out of this use, only those who need significant strength gains will appreciate the effects of Halotestin. The average user does not compete at a high level in any sport, find best options among other drugs.

  • Methandienone - Dianabol


    Dianabol es un esteroide anabolizante de administración oral cuya utilización en el ámbito clínico se prescribe a pacientes que requieran aumentar la síntesis proteica, y un fortalecimiento en general.

    En el culturismo su uso es muy común, ya que produce un aumento enorme de fuerza y masa muscular. También es muy popular entre levantadores y powerlifters.

    Dianabol posee un efecto anabólico y androgénico muy fuerte que facilita la construcción de masa muscular, y este es el uso al que principalmente se destina. Produce una notabilísima hipertrofia de las fibras musculares que se traduce en un rápido aumento de tamaño, aunque éste va acompañado de una retención de fluidos importante.

    El uso de Dianabol permite incrementar de forma significativa los kilajes que se manejan, si bien el principal inconveniente de este fármaco es que sus efectos distan mucho de ser consistentes. Al cesar en su utilización, gran parte de la fuerza y el tamaño adquiridos desaparecen.

    Dianabol se emplea principalmente en ciclos de volumen, ya que su notable capacidad para retener líquidos no hace demasiado aconsejable su uso en periodos previos a la competición.

    Dosis de Dianabol recomendadas

    Debido a que Dianabol sólo se mantiene en el organismo de 3 a 4 horas, es necesario ingerir las dosis de Dianabol un mínimo de 2 veces al día para conseguir que la sustancia se mantenga activa en sangre

    La dosis de Dianabol recomendada es muy variable, y puede oscilar entre un par de tabletas por día para un usuario que consuma Dianabol por primera vez hasta veinte o más en levantadores y culturistas expertos. Por lo general, una dosis entre 15 y 40 mg/día ofrecerá fantásticos resultados a la mayoría. Administrado en dosis cercanas a los 20 mg/día la aparición de efectos secundarios es mínima.

    Para evitar una pérdida abrupta de fuerza y tamaño es recomendable ir reduciendo la dosis progresivamente antes de finalizar su uso.

    Efectos secundarios de Dianabol

    Los efectos secundarios de Dianabol que resultan más preocupantes son los que puede ocasionar sobre el hígado, ya que es muy tóxico para éste, principalmente si se ha usado en periodos largos o a dosis muy elevadas.

    Dado que Dianabol aumenta rápidamente el peso corporal y produce alta retención hídrica, de su uso puede derivarse una presión sanguínea algo más elevada de los niveles normales. Dianabol aromatiza muy fácilmente, por lo que cabe esperar la aparición de ginecomastia si su uso no se acompaña de un antiestrogénico.


    Su uso interfiere de forma significativa el nivel de testosterona endógeno. Diversos estudios han revelado que tan solo con la ingesta de 20 mg Dianabol/día durante dos semanas, los niveles de testosterona que produce el propio cuerpo se reducen del orden de un 30 - 40%.

    También es posible que a grandes dosis se produzca un aumento en la agresividad.

    Su uso en mujeres está totalmente desaconsejado ya que entre los efectos secundarios de Dianabol que cabe esperar en ellas están la aparición de signos de virilización que pueden llegar a ser irreversibles.


  • Oxymetholone


    Oxymetholone is probably the strongest steroid him because you can very quickly get tremendous strength and muscle mass. The most steroid retains water in the body, provides a huge weight gain, swollen muscles look. Fits only in volume during the off competition. Oxymetholone has huge pumping muscle, is sufficient for only one series of practice. Thanks to keep the same strength throughout the workout. While taking Oxymetholone is appropriate to take tamoxifen and Proviron.


    Oxymetholone side effects

    If it is used at high doses and long-term, are among the most steroid side effects. There are also studies that talk about liver cancer associated with the use Oxymetholone.

    Another Oxymetholone side effect is that very rapidly converted to estrogens, thereby causing gynecomastia.

    The high water retention in the body causes high blood pressure. Significantly reduces the production of testosterone in the body, after the cycle is nec- essary to use HCG.


    Oxymetholone dosage

    Optimal dosage Oxymetholone is 50-100 mg daily. It is used up to 4-5 weeks due to the large side effects and muscle receptors respond only to this the reported period.

    Oxymetholone dosage should be more than 150 mg per day.

  • Oxandrolone


    Its effects are mild, but the quality muscles that get through Oxandrolone and will remain after withdrawal.

    Trade name for Anavar Oxandrolone is. The price is very high, but the quality is paid.

    Oxandrolone does not cause water retention in the body, it is the only one steroid which don´t diminishes own testosterone production.

    In combination with testosterone constructing very good muscle.

    Women also do not experience any negative effects as is the case with other steroids.

    It does not convert in the body to estrogens. It is suitable for diet and to a volume cycle.

    Oxandrolone may cause diarrhea. For liver is slightly toxic.

    After the end of bark not need to take any antiestrogens.

    Very efficient by a combination of stanozolol, testosterone and clenbuterol.



    Oxandrolone dosage

    If you are taking Oxandrolone itself and the dosage should be 70 mg.

    If you are using more steroids at the same time, so it suffices dosage to 20-30 mg daily.

  • Stanozolol
  • Testosterone undecanoate

    Testosterone undecanoate
    The Testosterone undecanoate is a fatty acid ester of the natural androgen testosterone in the body transforms mostly into dihydrotestosterone. It can be administered orally or by injection. It is used to treat testosterone deficiency in adults, but is used for both clinical purposes as improving athletic performance, is not one of the most effective in this task anabolic.
    Because testosterone is ineffective taken orally because it is reabsorbed and is cleared by the liver, testosterone undecanoate content in tablets, is reabsorbed in the intestine through the lymphatic system, bypassing the liver and getting fill effect.
    Being a very lightly flavored substance does not cause water retention as much as the rest of testosterone, so its use is often focus on periods prior to a competition. Neither can be expected to own hormone production is affected unless large doses are used for very long periods of time.
    However, do not expect to use big gains in mass and size as usual in other testosterones.

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